Egyszer volt hol nem volt....

2012-ben írtam utoljára. Egy örökkévalóságnak tűnik....annyi de annyi minden megváltozott és maradt ugyan az. Tovább »


A gonosz támadása29

Halihó!Hála a segítségeteknek, sokkal jobban el tudom viselni a gonosz zaklatását.Próbálkozik most is, hogy hullámokkal, szavak ismételgetésével, a mozdulataim és gondolataim hangos ismétlésével bezavarjon, de most már függetleníteni tudom magam.Azt hiszem sokat segít a gyógyszer is,amit írtak fel nekem.Zaklat egyfolytában a fájdalmakkal is,de próbálom kizárni a fájdalmat.Néha megkérdezem, mit vét Tovább »

Egy Család szeretne segítséget kérni…

Szégyellem, hogy írok, de más kilátást már nem tudok, így meg próbálom, mert hiszem, hogy vannak még jó emberek. Tovább »


Hála neked UNI / TEREMTŐ .... amiért az üzlet beindult és a termékeim amiket forgalmazok kelendőek.....viszik, viszik, viszik.... ÁMEN


How to Assemble a Video Camera Rig

Often see novices who incorrectly use the camera rig, either can not make the best use of, waste function, or because of the method is not correct and lead to frequent accidents, on the million devices so fall. Tripod role is to stabilize the camera to reduce vibration, but the wrong words, not only failed to function, but will become a security risk. Tovább »

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Steadicams in 2018

We have repeatedly emphasized that the biggest challenge for motion capture with a tri-axial camera stabilizer comes from bumpy verticals. Even if you are standing still, just by moving your arm to shoot a slow translation lens, you will find it hard to avoid the arm floating up and down, so it is still difficult to achieve the effect of a small slide. Tovább »

What the best cheap camera stabilizer 2018

There are many ways to keep the picture steady in everyday shooting. camera stabilizer, tripod and other stable support system in the market is full of Lin, and no lack of quality. In addition to spending money on the stability of the device, the daily tips can also help us to stabilize the screen? Here we look at the text of the six stable tips.

Production tripod slip pad Tovább »

The Best and Cheapest Video Stabilizer!

Cameras more arbitrary exercise, has been the pursuit of photographers. On the other hand, we can also feel the difference between professional and non-professional from the moving picture. Tovább »

Great DSLR Camera Rig You Can Get on the low price

A equipment leasing company, he witnessed the entire process of the stabilizer from the bud to the vigorous development, he observed some phenomena and trends in the exchange and work of the industry, to share with his mind: whether the stabilizer can become a movie Video) the market is not high technology content camera rig successor? Tovább »

Best Affordable Camera Jib Crane?

Movement speed can be controlled, according to the scene tone and movie style. For example, when shooting a romantic or dialogue scene, the camera moves slowly, while shooting action scenes, the speed should be accelerated, or fast and slow to switch back and forth. jib arm can also be used with the electric panhead, used to complete a more accurate push and pull screen shots. Tovább »

Lightweight Sevenoak Portable Jib Arm

Movie shooting tools a variety of, then in the end how to choose the most suitable for their own shooting tools? Today take you to re-recognize: camera slider, handheld stabilizer, rocker the three most commonly used movie shooting tools. Tovább »

High Quality Professional Camera Slider for your video

Jib arm camera technology is a unique television shooting technology developed in recent years. It has been widely used in television variety shows, sports, talk shows and other programs. It even plays an important role in documentaries, TV shows and movies. Tovább »

Best sevenoak jib arm for your video

In order to solve the hand-held fatigue of the electronic camera stabilizer, manufacturers have developed various kinds of brackets to redistribute the weight so as to reduce the burden on the arm, similar to the exoskeleton, and also have similar cockroach antennae, or simply use the easy back. Tovább »

Sevenoak Pro Video Camera Rig for you

  Maybe you did not realize that the camera rig in your hands is actually the most versatile shooting tool. The camera rig not only fixes the camera at different heights, but it also offers some extra creative ideas.

  Need to pay attention to the type of camera rig used here, those heavy camera rig is not suitable for these actions. Tovább »

Sevenoak DSLR shoulder camera rig with follow focus

camera rig is a very practical and very common photography accessories, but you really know the correct use of camera rig? Good camera rig can reduce the photographer's difficulty, but also need to combine the actual situation of the shooting site, the only way In order to shoot sharp work at the same time protect their own equipment.

1. First composition and then put the tripod Tovább »