The Best and Most Awesome Camera Stabilizers for Traveling

Fixed panhead is suitable for monitoring the situation is not large, fixed pan / tilt: After the camera is installed can adjust the camera's level and pitch angle, to achieve the best working attitude as long as the lock adjustment mechanism on it. Tovább »

The World best Handheld video stabilizer

This is a standalone device, compared with the track, rocker arm, the advantage is that the lens movement to a large degree of freedom, will not be subject to a lot of space constraints, which is why he can enter the complex terrain, such as bars, to achieve Stable shooting of complex routes, which can be used for long shots (such as the most used rotating lens). Tovább »

Steadicam is a camera stabilizer that ensures camera stability

  Steadicam is a camera stabilizer that ensures camera stability during moving and moving shots and ensures the clarity of the shot. Tovább »

Best Handheld Gimbal & Stabilizer |

  With the rapid development of science and technology nowadays, as an indispensable medium of the media industry, "photographic equipment" is constantly being replaced at high speed. In fact, the invention and improvement of photographic equipment are all for better results Shooting effect. Tovább »

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Definition of Matte Box by sevenoak

  "The most important thing about photography is not the lens, but the head behind the viewfinder." When you shoot the world with a toy camera, it shows a "dare to play" attitude: photography need not be too serious, it can be a fun way of life. You can interpret this world with casual romantic perspectives and release your life tension. Tovább »

The new style of electronic viewfinder

  As one of the two most distinguishable features distinguishing two systems, the electronic viewfinder gradually entered the public field of view because of the appearance of an unopposed camera. Tovább »

Matte box is installed in front of the camera

Matte box is installed in front of the camera camera commonly used photography accessories, metal, hard plastic, soft plastic and other materials. The name suggests, matte box function is to stop the extra light. The camera lens is composed of multiple lenses. Tovább »

Matte box ?Are they useful?

Sometimes, you find it troublesome, simply throw them at home.

Are they useful?

In everyday life, when we encounter to very strong sunlight, will hand cover above the eye, blocking reverse sun, just let the scene in front of the light entering the eye, it will see clearly

Wearing a matte box lens, like with our hands covered in the eyes above. Tovább »

The matte box is one of the most commonly used

The matte box is one of the most commonly used camera lens accessories, it can effectively prevent stray light into the lens, but on the other hand, the matte box is like the lens of the "clothes", the so-called people want clothes, gold Buddha , Lens to matte box. Tovább »