What the sevenoak best camera slider for your video

For camera movement, camera stabilizer is the most basic tool no matter how you want to move your camera. But when I came to understand it personally, I found it still had its own limitations. So today we are here to teach you 10 very useful tips, hoping to help everyone. Tovább »

The Best sevenoak DSLR Shoulder Camera Rig

Filmmakers often use their high-end tripods as their guide to professional filmmaking. Professional and amateurs, regardless of the quality of their mainframe or lens, can use a suitable, high-quality hydraulic head and tripod The difference between standards. When you think so, most people go out to work on the necessary tripod. Tovább »

10 Best DSLR Steadicams in 2018 from

  In the South, it is not uncommon for cameras to be unprotected and moldy. So when not using the camera to protect the camera, moisture is very important. Today to talk about how to damp-proof camera. Tovább »

Sevenoak Portable Camera Slider for your video

  For film and television production, buying a not very good camera does not matter, but your camera slider must be good, so you can get great footage. In addition to simply swiping left and right, you can also do a lot of things with the camera slider. Tovább »

This is the World's Fastest Camera Slider from

  For people who like filming, the camera camera slider is certainly not unfamiliar, in the shooting with the camera slider can be done very special effects shots, such as moving around shooting, analog camera rocker shooting, etc., whether it is professional video Shooting, or personal amateur shooting, camera camera slider are many people are favored video equipment. Tovább »

A Motorized Camera Slider For Everyone | sevenoak

  Feel Camera slider the shooting angle is too large? Foreign manufacturers Cinevate recently introduced a slide extension arm sevenoak, to give the slide to take more freedom and angle of motion. Tovább »

Why & When to Use a sevenoak camera Rig

For a long time, the concepts of "electronic control" and "portability" seemed to have not always been well integrated in photographic slide products, and it was also very difficult to achieve "economy" in terms of price. Tovább »

How and Why to Make Your Own Camera Rig

Realistic choices are often full of contradictions, camera rig is no exception, the camera rig in the three dimensions, we can only take two:

Lightweight and portable - solid and stable - economical and cheap

1. Or choose: both lightweight, solid and stable, but expensive carbon fiber camera rig Tovább »

Best camera shoulder rigs,shoulder rig for DSLR - sevenoak

The camera rig is great for photography and is a very important photography accessory. Many people will ask how to use the camera rig, how to install, why other people's camera rig can be used for many years, etc., in fact, this is how to properly use are inseparable. So, camera rig how to use it?

Camera rig how to use and six tips Tovább »

Sevenoak DSLR Camera Rig for any DSLR Camera, Video Camera

The role of the camera rig can not be ignored by amateur users or professional users. Its main function is to stabilize the camera to achieve certain photographic effects. Tovább »

Sevenoak Handheld Camera Rig with Counter Weight

Camera rig is probably the most neglected camera equipment. In fact, camera rig is also very good or bad, a rickety, shaky camera rig than not camera rig but also not good. Tovább »

Tripod Heads for Camera & Video at sevenoak

  The term "tripod head" is strange to many people. Even some moviegoers have tripods and can not tell where this is. This does not blame you, even if the search in Goddess "tripod head" word, can not find a very accurate definition, most are introduced to the camera tripod head. Tovább »

How to get a sevenoak Camera Rig, CHEAP!

Often see novices who incorrectly use the camera rig, either can not make the best use of, waste function, or because of the method is not correct and lead to frequent accidents, on the million devices so fall. Tripod role is to stabilize the camera to reduce vibration, but the wrong words, not only failed to function, but will become a security risk. Tovább »

How to use the sevenoak camera rig for your video

How to use a simple hand-held camera to take sharper and clearer photos? WeChat Today tell you how to avoid camera shake. Tovább »

What would be the best video camera rig

  The camera rig is almost an essential tool for every photographer, but very few people can use it correctly. Here are five bad habits that often occur when using a tripod, although not necessarily bad consequences right away, But for such a bad habit, we should avoid it and avoid using the equipment first. Tovább »