the revolutions of the world

There is a second theory, which numbers among its supporters . We would call it without reproach the Atheistic scheme, for it seems to shut out a governing Providence from the successive evolutions of our race. It attributes the same principles of stability to the natural and moral world, considering them as both liable to the same law of physical necessity, which causes them to “alternate, between fixed and narrow limits of progress and decay.”

States and Empires it regards as rising only like the waves of the ocean, to give way to those that follow them—an endless succession of events, without one indication of plan or aim, to remind us of a governing Intelligence!
The theory implied in these remarks, if properly stated and understood, is the true theory of the progress of society. It is a real progress.

One after another of its empires may have risen, flourished for a time, and then crumbled into ruins. Some may have remained apparently unaltered, balanced by the action of opposing causes,—but the grand, the mighty Whole, has been . The current that sustained and bore it onward, has increased in energy,—it has never lingered,—its apparent rest or retrocession, was but the reflux of the wave that is rising higher along the shore baidu.

Our great principle then is,—that in

we can trace the working of a vast design,—that they were but agents to secure a mighty end. They may be regarded as a series of EXPERIMENTS upon mankind,—each powerful in its influence,—occurring at its proper time,—and all tending toward an object which is yet to be attained. We find in these dark and gloomy spots of history nothing to alarm us! We consider them indeed as clouds, heavy and portentous, resting on the path of ages—but as clouds surcharged with energy,—embosoming the elements of mighty action, destined to sweep away abuses,—to purify and disenthrall our race!