10 Best DSLR Steadicams in 2018 from sevenoak.biz

  In the South, it is not uncommon for cameras to be unprotected and moldy. So when not using the camera to protect the camera, moisture is very important. Today to talk about how to damp-proof camera.
  When you see the beautiful filaments in the lens, I started to think that it was an outer layer that could not be wiped off when I was able to wipe it. It was discovered that this was not a problem with the appearance of the lens, but rather a mold inside the lens .
  In the era of Steadicam, the powerful camera stabilizer undoubtedly has inherent advantages. In the popular electronic camera nowadays, light and flexible little man can become the top camera stabilizer photographer. The following period of brushing network video you must have seen it:
  The first time I saw this video, I could not believe my eyes, and even suspected that the video after the splicing. In fact, this is a real effort, the photographer in the video is the legendary "camera agate ninja"
  It is also a god to enjoy dinner, not only has a good sense of the lens, more importantly, his physical fitness and exercise and balance are very good. He was able to run, cross, climb or even skip obstacles while holding an electronic camera stabilizer, and the shots remained consistent and fluid.
  For some like outdoor extreme sports, Climb the Great God, outdoor live Daren, selfie stick is convenient, but can not ignore the point is that instability!
  How do you solve jitter problems if you want to take extreme sports or your first perspective?
  All said that the chicken head is a natural camera stabilizer, 360 ° shaking is stable. Chickens and birds are the same, will keep the head in motion stability, so that we can make their field of vision stable and see things.
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