How and Why to Make Your Own Camera Rig

Realistic choices are often full of contradictions, camera rig is no exception, the camera rig in the three dimensions, we can only take two:

Lightweight and portable - solid and stable - economical and cheap

1. Or choose: both lightweight, solid and stable, but expensive carbon fiber camera rig

2. Or choose: the price is cheaper, but also more solid and stable, but not portable alloy camera rig

3. Or choose: the price is very cheap, but also very solid and stable, but very heavy steel camera Rig

If you need hiking with a camera rig and have a relaxed budget, 1 is your pick.

If you just studio shoot in the room or need a tripod in a fixed position, then 3 can save a lot of money

If you only want to travel with camera rig and budget is limited, then only 2 slightly

Camera rig is relatively easy to judge the quality is good, it is both steady and light, so many are not bad money tyrant, remember one conclusion: expensive is good on the line it!

Camera rig generally has an indicator is the "maximum load." Generally, we will not let the camera rig run more than 60% of the load. The heavier the load is, the more instability we choose. Generally, we choose to bear the weight of our heaviest equipment (generally including PTZ camera, Board, lens) 1.5-2 times more than the maximum load.

1.5-2 times mentioned above is just a range, in the end how much to choose, and our lens is very much related to the longer focal length lens, the narrower angle of view, the more sensitive to jitter, so the stability needed more High, we can simply remember a conclusion: 200mm lens, generally need at least 28mm diameter camera rig.
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