How To Use Your iPhone Like A Pro Video Camera

For all GoPro users have a camera stabilizer is no better, for the camera stabilizer I choose wearable Chi Yun Rider-Mcamera stabilizer, this camera base with a standard 1/4 connector, can be connected to a tripod, Selfie Pole and chest strap and headband is very convenient, the use of Zhiyun camera stabilizer video picture smooth and natural

Three-axis electronic camera stabilizer into the industry, the most affected by the impact of the traditional is the traditional Stanislav. Although the electronic camera stabilizer is not yet a complete replacement for Steadicam, the compact and economical electronic camera stabilizer is gaining popularity in many shooting applications.

However, the electronic camera stabilizer and Stein Nikon is not entirely competitive, the combination of the two can actually complement each other - the Steinikang spring arm to filter vertical vibration, while the three-axis PTZ camera angle can be maintained, which is equivalent to a Taiwan five-axis camera stabilizer.

This combined camera stabilizer, which was amalgamated as early as a few years ago, has emerged as a solution from third-party vendors and official solutions from Stan- dardon only showcased at the show. Until this year, Tiffen's Steadicam (STEADICAM) brand officially launched a combination of the two STEADIMATE adapter.

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