A Motorized Camera Slider For Everyone | sevenoak

  Feel Camera slider the shooting angle is too large? Foreign manufacturers Cinevate recently introduced a slide extension arm sevenoak, to give the slide to take more freedom and angle of motion.

  Equipped with a 3/8 "standard mount, the slide rail can be mounted on any camera slide or mounted directly on a tripod for use as a normal manual rocker.The pan / tilt also features a spirit level and a standard 1/4" Screw, to install third-party PTZ or install the camera directly.

  In order to adapt to the slide rail applications, it must be lightweight to match the rail load-bearing. The extension arm uses a special aluminum and carbon fiber material, weighs only 1.8 pounds, and load-bearing up to 7 pounds.

  As a flexible sports shooting device, the sevenoak must be easy enough to install. It uses a tool-less design that allows the cameraman to quickly and easily set up and put into operation without any difficulty.

  For example, if the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide is the kidneys

  Now on the market both ball and slide, but also silicon wheel slide. The former through the rolling steel ball, automatically clean the dust and dirt on the slide, and then ensure the cleaning of the slide will not enter the interior due to dirt and affect its sliding function. Together with the steel ball can force the adjacent scattered, to ensure the stability of the drawer horizontal slow vertical silicon wheel slide in the long-term use, the friction occurred during the debris was snow-like, and by rolling it can be brought up, the same Does not affect the sliding of the drawer With some pull-out slide drawer can be placed in some easy to see the whole picture, or the use of low-frequency items.

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