Sevenoak Portable Camera Slider for your video

  For film and television production, buying a not very good camera does not matter, but your camera slider must be good, so you can get great footage. In addition to simply swiping left and right, you can also do a lot of things with the camera slider. This tutorial will tell you 10 tips / tricks, including how the camera slider and tripod work together to simulate the effects of a rocker, and how you can use your hand The camera slider, it depends entirely on your creativity.

  I believe when everyone went out shooting have felt too heavy equipment, weight is very hard feeling. However, in order to shoot the ideal work they have to bring complete photographic equipment. So Xiaobian today to share with you a short video, you can teach you how to simulate a monopod camera slider fragment.

  Camera slider in the mechanical design process is the most widely used, basically each camera will have the presence of camera slider, but you really use it? Xiaobian collected several standard camera slider Cheats, quickly get it

  Camera slider is divided into the base track and slave track, the reference track than the high precision track, the two need to be used together.

  Camera slider in addition to a simple left and right slide can shoot a lot of different lens effects do you know? Today to teach you. How we use the camera slider in our hands depends entirely on our own creativity, after reading the absolute length of knowledge!

  First, the tripod is used to fix the camera slider, plus a pan / tilt camera head. You can begin to create a shot it!

  First, moving around is not new, we skip directly

  Second, lock sliding effect

  When we do a regular slide, the main lock in the center of the screen

  Third, push the lens

  Now it's not about moving around, but about moving forward. It's cool to not follow the focus when sliding, but to change it from focus to focus

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