Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Steadicams in 2018

We have repeatedly emphasized that the biggest challenge for motion capture with a tri-axial camera stabilizer comes from bumpy verticals. Even if you are standing still, just by moving your arm to shoot a slow translation lens, you will find it hard to avoid the arm floating up and down, so it is still difficult to achieve the effect of a small slide. In fact, the use of three-axis camera stabilizer analog slide lens is very easy and in my opinion, in fact, a word can tell you what to do: The three-axis camera stabilizer installed in the tripod head, set the lock mode Then panning horizontally. Currently, most single-handed electronic camera stabilizers on the market have a bottom screw that can be mounted on a tripod head. The essence of this method is the use of camera pan-tilt damping to achieve a uniform horizontal shift, while maintaining the vertical height unchanged, the use of camera-built-in mode to lock the shooting angle.

Is not it easy? Similarly, you can also use the same technique to simulate the small arm up and down or oblique translation, this simple method will undoubtedly greatly enhance the freedom of shooting.

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