What the best cheap camera stabilizer 2018

There are many ways to keep the picture steady in everyday shooting. camera stabilizer, tripod and other stable support system in the market is full of Lin, and no lack of quality. In addition to spending money on the stability of the device, the daily tips can also help us to stabilize the screen? Here we look at the text of the six stable tips.

Production tripod slip pad

When you want to make the desktop tripod free to slide, we can give the tripod to help slide the "socks."

Of course, camera stabilizer is also a disadvantage, and Steadicam also has advantages. For example, the ordinary three-axis camera stabilizer through the motor so that the camera always maintain a movement in the movement, the upper and lower jitter filter by the operator's arms, experienced operators can be smooth as one, and many novice test video, We can often see people walking Britain one Britain one movement, and Stein Nikon shock absorber in the filter up and down the jitter, it has inherent advantages. We can summarize the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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