What the best Handheld camera stabilizer

  So for live or real video shooter, may not be as simple as shooting short video pick up the phone as you can get, more is to pursue the stability of the shooting screen and the convenience of shooting, so today With all of you to take a look at the hand-held PTZ camera stabilizer for video capture What are the advantages and benefits.

  Or first to pave the way for it, sub-who have been quite want to do video, or because they like science and technology, so it is like to do some of the more popular video technology through the video, a variety of reasons have not been able to Really shot it, first of all, the most obvious is the lack of equipment and products, so not the beginning of the end of the feeling. Until last month, double eleven, who decisive chop hand to buy a Zhiyun handheld camera stabilizer.

  Handheld camera stabilizer features

  Literally to understand is not difficult, since it is called camera stabilizer, then the most important of which is certainly stable, sub-where the main target is the phone handheld camera stabilizer, which is the phone directly to the camera stabilizer, with one hand to the Start shooting to achieve the stability of the shooting screen, in short, when we outdoor shooting, or sports shooting, when the lens needs to move quickly, if only a simple hand-held shooting, shooting the screen there will be a strong shake, I believe everyone When shooting video will have this experience it!

  Similarly, because it is a handheld device, so an outdoor photography enthusiasts, portable is very important, and now on the market handheld camera stabilizer also comes standard with a violin-like package, can be considered great .

  To say that advantage, this is really nothing directly comparable, because sub-where there is no specific product involved, but simply for handheld camera stabilizer in terms of this aspect, but also with sub-self Some of the ideas to briefly talk about my purchase of handheld camera PTZ camera sole purpose is to shoot a stable video only, because if the phone directly shoot the video screen is too shaky, and not suitable for sports shooting, such as the most Direct is the outdoor broadcast, what other advantages of sub-really nothing.
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