What the sevenoak best camera slider for your video

For camera movement, camera stabilizer is the most basic tool no matter how you want to move your camera. But when I came to understand it personally, I found it still had its own limitations. So today we are here to teach you 10 very useful tips, hoping to help everyone.

No matter how we try to move, camera stabilizer in the smooth performance above the performance of the very flexible, which is very good.

For example, this lens, we are moving forward, very smooth. But if we look closely, we will find that the picture beats up and down without locking on this axis, so there will be no perfect straight line. Some people may prefer the screen feel comfortable at random shooting, but if we want to have a more straight sense of the film screen effect, then we must try to tighten the arm, knees bent, small step forward.

If we really want to shoot straight pictures, especially pictures that differ from walking speed, it's helpful to have a bike, a car, a skateboard, and other wheel-like tools. Because, at least as far as I'm concerned, there is no way to stay steady at a slow pace. Instead, tools with wheels help keep the pace constant and the camera stabilizer relieves the ground cushioning.

Make sure everything is as light as possible, so it will work well for both the motor and the arm. I used a small lens, throw away this big battery. Recording alone, so I need to set up the camera on the camera, but even so, take a full day or heavy. So it is worth using a quick release plate mounted on a tripod or lamp stand, and then we can fix it without having to hold it.
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