Why & When to Use a sevenoak camera Rig

For a long time, the concepts of "electronic control" and "portability" seemed to have not always been well integrated in photographic slide products, and it was also very difficult to achieve "economy" in terms of price. The latest Rhino sevenoak slide to change this phenomenon, it uses a molded aluminum structure, built-in motor and battery modules, users can use a dedicated APP to achieve many professional functions. Most of the electrically controlled rails on the market use heavy external units to house motors, controllers, and batteries, while the sevenoak puts all the necessary components in a one-piece housing. With a coreless DC motor, the sevenoak is extremely quiet at low speeds.

Sevenoak uses a built-in battery, which helps to further reduce its overall size. But the built-in battery is not replaceable, which looks like a drawback, but Rhino promised sevenoak's lithium battery can provide 24-hour battery life, up to 48 hours in time-lapse photography mode.

Photo sliders and even electronic sliders have undergone years of development and have become one of the most common motion-capture tools in cameraman hands. However, from the photography slides itself, it seems difficult to achieve great evolution. But just as most people think so, the Austrian manufacturer Waterbird System introduced an innovative multi-function slide, perhaps the future of a slide.

This slide is a well-designed product with a motor, controller, and battery pack that can be controlled via a Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet and features time-lapse photography - just from that point it seems The traditional slide does not make a big difference.
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