Newbie here to this board

This is my first visit to this forum. I am very much happy to visit this site. Your forum board really attracted me. I really fall in love with this discussion forum. While searching online I find this site. I am new member here and happy to be the part of this board. After checking this board I have thought of writing few words about me here. My name is Kelly Kevin from United States. I am a husband and father of little princess. I love photography a lot. It is my passion.

I have started this career after my degree. I never thought that I will become a photographer in life. Whatever may be your hobby, but you must have some passion about it. Your experience and skill in this is really matter. I am a natural photographer. There is a reason I decided to take up nature photography. This is mainly because I can stay working outdoors. Outdoor photography is always memorable one. You can experience something new always. When I fell in love nature I didn’t know anything about cameras. And I did not have the idea of how to use cameras. Then I started learning. Taking natural photography is a great opportunity. If you do so you can experience nature in a deeper way.

Photography is a form of art. Today most of them loved to take photos. There are many choose photography as passion and career. To become a photographer is not easy. You must have some creative skill. And also one should have technical and analytical skill. Today people use photography for different purposes. It includes manufacturing, business, school or education. Also includes science and technology, communication, recreation, and hobby. The art of photography has a unique history of its own. If you search online you can get list of cameras and photography idea today. I have learned everything by reading online. It is a great place to learn new things. I am enjoying here a lot. Make your forum active. Have a wonderful day ahead! I will visit this board again. I am going to share this forum board with my friends.

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