Arian Foster accuses Curt Schilling of s

Since his retirement, former NFL running back Arian Foster has had more time to use social media.Earlier in the year, he a serted on Twitter he could beat a wolf in a fight, but he has also used the platform to discu s more serious matters as well.MORE: What's keeping Bill James out of the Baseball Hall of Fame?Foster continued with more of the latter on Friday, sending out a tweet about faith that drew a reaction from former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt is the excuse people use for not being able to justify their beliefs. it's a cop out. Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 31, 2017@ArianFoster Challenge to go through life that bitter. Sad part is when you meet Him you' Steve McNair Jersey ll be asked to answer for this. Hope you find Him first. Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) March 31, 2017Schilling clearly took offense to Foster's dismi sive viewof religion, causing thetwo to're just into politicizing life's viewpoints, not any kind of constructive diolouge. it' Warren Moon Jersey s what people do when their opinion is robotic Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 31, 2017@ArianFoster No need to politicize the Bible, it stands, and has stood the test of time. Nothing to do with politics. Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) March 31, 2017Foster and Schilling then got into a headed discu sion about the has some of the worst ideas humans have ever had. it's outdated. and actually has everything to do with politics. Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 31, 2017@ArianFoster Right, that whole "do unto others" thing is blasphemy. Beats the hell out of what we've managed to do to this world. Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) March 31, 2017the golden rule was here before jesus. Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 31, 2017@ArianFoster Actually DeMarco Murray Jersey nothing was here before God. Ever realize that? At the beginning, in the beginning, SOMEONE created something:) Awesome stuff huh? Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) March 31, 2017using the 10 commandments and then dismi sing the evils in the OT is just dishonest. Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 31, 2017MORE: Foster among four Dolphins players to kneel for national anthemThis went on for a little longer, with Schilling defendingthe merits of the Bible eventually leading him to linkto a piece titled, "Why did Jesus and Paul not condemn slavery?"This set Foster off.Editor's note: Inappropriate language holy shit you really do think slavery is ok. Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 31, 2017Schilling defended linking to the article, saying Foster tried to warphis words.@ArianFoster Eric Weems Jersey Given what it meant then, and what it became, the two aren't even remotely connected. But nice try. Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) March 31, 2017Schilling's final reply to Foster came as a simple bible verse, just tweeting "John 15:10," at the former NFL star.Obviously, both these men feel very strongly about their opinions. But, my biggest takeaway from this argument is this:Retired athletes may have a bit too much time on their hands.