Breaking Down Jung-Ho Kang

This article is one of 13 produced for FanGraphs+. We're running it free of charge today as an example of the quality of work you'll have use of by buying our $6 project. Two of the additional 12 articles were also compiled by Dan Farnsworth, who told you about J.D. Martinezs pending breakout last winter, so for his breakdowns on Jedd Gyorko and Steven Souza, purchase use of FG+ now.Jung-Ho Kang is coming to a Pirates game near you, and he had better be in your radar like a baseball fan or fantasy manager. As with all foreign import, you've heard scouts and analysts weigh in on Kang, and you'll continue to learn more reports as the season approaches. You might have heard his power will not mean our game, that he might not even be a starter in the highest degree of American baseball. Im here to tell you these reports starkly underrate Kangs potential, and you can money in like a fantasy owner while everybody else follows things as they are. Kang has an elite swing that will permit his numbers to translate quickly into Major League succe s.Lets jump right Marcus Roberson Jersey into some images. Here Kang is hitting a fastball to perfect of dead center field for some time home run:There are a few key items to notice in this shot. Firstliest, like many Asian hitters, Kang employs a large early leg kick. Where lots of athletes would falter having a move like this, Kang demonstrates impeccable balance throughout the step. Observe how his hip line stays almost perfectly parallel to the ground, instead of favoring one side or another. Its a big move, without a doubt, but its also completely in check.Secondlily, look at the movement of his barrel and arms as he steps right down to the floor and begins to launch his hands. His barrel starts tilted toward the first base side of his body. Then, as his right shoulder rotates back (much in the same manner a pitchers arm does), the barrel tips toward the 3rd base dugout before decreasing to the plane from the pitch. All of this happens while the front elbow stays pointed more down toward the floor. This sequence of moves allows him to begin loading up his right shoulder to provide force through the bat without flattening out his path so much that he arrives and round the ball. Heres an up and coming hitter showing us how thats done:Thirdish, take a look at how Kangs Tre'Davious White Jersey right hip thrusts into view because he goes through contact, driving his whole pelvis in an explosive motion toward the middle of the area. Should you desired to nitpick, you can say he over-rotates a little when compared with Cabrera, manifesting in an exceedingly slight roll to the outside of his front heel rather than it staying completely flush with the ground. But, then againAs an interesting aside, this is actually the most notable improvement in Kangs swing in the 2014 highlights compared to 2013, where he was a little more violent and over-rotational with his hip drive. The corresponding increase in homer totals is not a coincidence. Check him out that year:Now a side look at your swing from above:Here you can really observe how Kang commands his big leg kick, keeping his back leg in strong connection with the ground. His back knee stays uncommitted before the moment he starts to rotate his hips, allowing his biggest muscles they are driving the turn.Moving in the body, these back shoulder roll allows his elbow to drop in underneath his hands, which creates a slingshot effect with the hands being thrown through contact instead of pushed. The hands fall behind his body to create the barrel into the path of the ball deep within the zone, start to propel past his elbow by his back hip, and travel on the slight upward arc into picture perfect extension after contact. There isn't any wasted movement with the bat consequently, because it stays close to his body as it descends and is out so far as his arms can take it as being it hits the ball. This can be a model of the popular adage short to the ball, long through it.All of these qualities together permit him to make adjustments mid-pitch once the ball decides to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. This time around, look at Micah Hyde Jersey this ability with Miguel Cabrera juxtaposed:From the pitchers view, you can see how his hands stop by underneath the breaking pitch and scoop it up in to the air for an additional easy homer, much like Miggy. The only noticeable differences originate from Kangs spine tilt as he finds the plane from the pitch, where Cabrera starts already a little hunched within the plate. Not a problem, just a divergence of fashion. Kang also foregoes the lower limb kick here, though his lower half mechanics look like the first swing in the following paragraphs.From along side it, see again how both hitters hands come down to the line from the pitch first prior to going forward to contact, allowing them extra time to be served by their timing but still drive it in the air. The front elbow staying pointed down provides them the opportunity to elevate the ball, especially on the low pitch.Kang keeps his tremendous balance even on the difficult location, and his hips still have that explosive pop instead of becoming an all-upper-body swing like the majority of guys undertake well-placed breaking balls. Kangs swing may be the tiniest bit flatter than Miggys, although not to a good enough degree to negatively affect him. For instance, heres a shot from Josh Donaldsons stellar 2013 season, who has a flatter swing path than both with proven results. Observe how his barrel appears his hands a little more, instead of directly under like Cabrera (along with a big, yet athletic leg kick like Kang):So he can hit low pitches, but so can a lot of hitters. That doesnt mean they are able to hit big league pitching. Mike Trout can attest to the relentle sne s of Major League pitchers attacking a hitters weak zones. This is actually the highest pitch I could find Patrick DiMarco Jersey a side shot for, again with Cabrera to compare:Where some hitters cannot adjust a low-ball swing for top pitches, Kang looks like he's fully capable of doing exactly that. His hands still start moving down first, but come forward on the higher plane to get to this just above belt-high pitch. Cabrera shows an identical adjustment on an even higher pitch.And finally, just to hammer home more evidence of his capability to cover the whole zone and more, heres a fastball in from the plate that Kang handily keeps in fair territory, and deposits into the seats in straightaway left field:How about a chase-me breaking ball well off the exterior corner?Me likey.While Kang did play in a league where gaming scores are the norm, you can only discount a players production so much due to competition level. By having an upper echelon swing and league-leading production in the home country, I'll gladly bet on Kang using a spectacular begin to his big league career. To s in the evidence he makes some recent improvements to his swing that resulted in work year, and he may only receive better because he transitions to Mlb.The only Buffalo Bills NFL Jersey mi sing piece here is his plate discipline and phone rates, but we've limited data on which to draw reasonable conclusions. As Jeff Sullivan stated, Kang did strike out at a slightly higher than league average rate in a very offense-friendly league. Which should give some pause to the optimism, for sure. However, considering the variety of athleticism in his swing and also the ability to adjust, it's impo sible that i can believe he wont make at least average contact. Taking the detestable jump in to the predictive, with how hard he hits the ball and a suming only average contact and strikeout rates, I could easily see him hitting .280 with 25 homers, which may be conservative.Playing time will not be a problem once he outplays the rest of the Pirates infield theyll find room for his bat. For logistical reasons, give him a rest at the start for the culture change and settling into the grind of ma sive league baseball, but he has all the makings to be an absolute monster. Hell be easily well worth the contract the Pirates sign him to, and hell be worth any price you pay on draft day.Sign up for FanGraphs+ to read more articles like this one.