Air Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated new color Not far from the sale

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,We have reported for you some time ago that the popular Air Jordan 1 in the Jordan Brand family series has exploded new color members, and a shoe called "Sports Illustrated" is the first to enter everyone's field of vision. Today, relevant insiders have exposed the overall picture of the Air Jordan 1 "Sports Illustrated". The shoes shown in the picture follow the classic style of the Air Jordan 1, the color is mainly black and white, and the red border with the solid gradient green Swoosh is used as an auxiliary match, the inner edge of the upper is also engraved with "A" The STAR IS BORN” font logo design highlights its detailing. The Air Jordan 1 "Sports Illustrated" design was inspired by the Illustrated Illustrated Magic 1984 cover. I saw that Michael Jordan broke through the Magic's scoring layup, while Swoosh chose the Magic. Gradient design on the side of the uniform. According to the news, this Air Jordan 1 "Sports Illustrated" will be available for sale in the second half of this year. The specific release news is still waiting for our news.

The new experience brought by Nike React cushioning is a new product of Epic React Flyknit, which makes everyone feel the re-innovation in the field of running shoes. The power feedback ratio is high, light and durable, and cost-effective. This new technology has a huge imagination in the future. It may be very widely used in basketball shoes, sports shoes and fashion shoes. I believe I have already gotten on Nike Epic React. Friends of Flyknit running shoes will have this feeling. This year, Nike React's first joint sneakers are available today, with more surprises! The UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87 in front of you is the appearance of the old-fashioned shoes. It is also the full-scale Nike React cushioning. The wear-resistant rubber design of the sole also extends to the midsole, which also brings a richer visual expression. This series has multiple color combinations, and the UNDERCOVER/JUN TAKAHASHI lettering on the side of the shoe indicates its “UNDERCOVER” status. Takahashi has been working closely with Nike Running running products. Each season, NikeLab GYAKUSOU is avant-garde and exquisite. This time, Nike React's first joint-name shoes this year is both amazing and not surprising! Takahashi has its own brand UNDERCOVER, which established NOWHERE with NIGO in the 1990s. NOWHERE is now the parent company of BAPE®. This UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87 joint series has not yet released the release information, we will continue to pay attention.

The name of the POD originated in 1995 and is called Point of Deflection. It is a design concept of “three-dimensional cushioning system”. This new product continues this advanced concept, combining the bridges of EVA stretch material, Boost technology and links to provide a more precise and accurate cushioning and stable performance, plus a high-quality mesh fabric upper, wearing Comfort is guaranteed. Adidas Originals P.O.D-S3.1 With both the sensitive EVA forefoot and the soft-bombed Boost back, Torsion anti-twist technology also appears on the soles to further enhance stability and flexibility. This is a new product that is perfectly balanced with fashion and sports. Adidas Originals has held theme parties in Germany, London and Shanghai, and interprets traditional elements with new technology. It is both the central idea of ​​local activities and the theme of these shoes.