Change the face of time

The Sequential Two - S200 features MCT's signature prism display, the first of its kind in a round enclosure. The innovative time display and impeccably crafted case showcase all the key design elements of the Swiss brand's reputation, including the sapphire ring around the case.MCT replica
The self-winding movement with 18K gold micro rotor is developed internally by MCT. The four modules represent a high degree of clarity and each module consists of five triangular prisms. The current time is highlighted by a "C-shaped" curved open "window" around the center of the dial, which is engraved with a "Contemporary Manufacturer" (MCT).
The "C-shaped" arc is rotated 90° counterclockwise to highlight the new hour, while the minute shows 360° over the entire perimeter of the dial. The combination of digital and central minutes in super size provides a very clear indication of time.
Smaller mass micro rotors require less force than conventional full size rotors. As you can see from the back of the display, the exquisite hand-crafted black movement bridge contrasts sharply with the red gold eccentric hammer, the warmth of the screws and the mainspring.
In just over a year, MCT has implemented a comprehensive verticalization strategy that now controls all important stages of the production process, from movement design to final assembly.
With its fascinating display and uncompromising design, the Sequential 200 reinforces MCT's lofty position in the high-end modern watchmaking industry.
The Sequential Two-S200 is made of red gold with a dark dial element or white gold with a light-colored dial element.Bovet replica watch
MCT places great emphasis on design; design is not only in the broad sense of the overall appearance of each timepiece, but also meticulous in detail. Although often overlooked, MCT's uncompromising design philosophy makes them unique; of course there are their eye-catching cases, innovative displays and high-quality craftsmanship!
Thanks to the emphasis on the overall design architecture and design details, each model in the series is instantly recognized as MCT by its unique lug and sapphire ring around the case strap.
Hour: Sequential Two - S200 has a MCT famous prism hour display and 360° seconds. The hour module enables a very high definition of large numbers. Each of the four hour modules includes five triangular prisms that rotate to display one of three numbers. The current time is indicated by a "C-shaped" curved opening around the center of the dial, which also masks the non-current time. The current hours are displayed in a counterclockwise order.
Sequential Two's self-winding movement was developed in-house by MCT to ensure that the movement is fully compliant in terms of design, performance, surface finish and quality. The 18K gold micro-rotor allows for a very slim movement and case that allows for a comfortable fit between the wrist (below the cuff) and a harmoniously proportioned case. The one-way microrotor provides another advantage in that it requires less rotational force than conventional rotors.Harry Winston replica

While few people are less excited about the gearing problem, the owner of Sequential Two may appreciate the latest developments in this sport that benefit from the gear profile. High-efficiency gears mean the energy consumed to reduce friction losses, providing higher and more stable power to the regulator for higher precision and longer power reserve.
The stunning black motion bridge visible on the back of the display provides a high contrast background for the rotor, screws and red gold of the mainspring. Although the black movement may be "minimalism" at first glance, not less than 507 parts required in its construction prove the complexity involved. The black color of the bridge and sheet helps to fine-tune the hand-finished "Geneva Corrugated" body, body and hand beveled.
Although Sequential Two is MCT's first round case, it is immediately recognized by MCT because of the powerful DNA runs throughout the series. Although the sequential prism hour display may be the most obvious visual cues for Sequential Two's purebred, the unique lug is another.
The case comes with another MCT logo, a more subtle but equally impressive: a sapphire crystal ring that clearly illuminates the case and completely reduces light, such as allowing light to enter, indicating, complex and moving.
The top sapphire crystal is not simply placed on the bezel, but is lowered and invisibly screwed onto the case, completely eliminating the bezel. This seems to be a simple detail, but further proves that MCT does not compromise the design approach. Since the sides of the crystal replace the bezel on the top of the case, the timepiece appears slimmer, and the transparent side combines with the sapphire case ring and the back of the display, allowing light to illuminate the display from virtually any angle.
Mage's parent company, Cage Holdings, did not do half of the things. In just 12 months, they changed MCT through a successful verticalization strategy. MCT now benefits from sister component assembly companies and sports design companies.breguet classique replica
The latter is the company that developed the MCT first movement for Sequential One and the MCT-S2 automatic movement for Sequential Two.
In the cage holding company, MCT has changed from a niche brand with only a few employees to a small group with more than 40 employees in just over a year, and more acquisitions are in preparation.
This verticalization distinguishes MCT from most small high-end brands because MCT controls the production process rather than relying on third-party vendors. The MCT-S2 self-winding movement in Sequence 2 is the first result of the promise of efficient trees.
Case and Crystal: Inserting the sapphire window into the case is a challenge because the sapphire crystal surface is in a depressurized phase, changing the bezel and opening the dial to maximize light and vision.
Design: Excellent watchmaking design becomes more important, and MCT places great emphasis on the most advanced design. Any composition in the design is not an essential element of the MCT concept.replica watches for sale