Patek Philippe 175th-Anniversary GrandMaster Chime 5175R-001 Replica Watch

Antagulun's Patek Philippe Aquanaut prototype Aquanaut has a "comet" power reserve.
One of the most eye-catching watches in the upcoming Geneva watch auction season is the prototype of Patek Philippe Aquanaut. 5060 will be held in Antigour.
The dial is marked with a “prototype” with a “laboratory” (laboratory) on the movement, and the watch is equipped with a “comet” power reserve, a complex feature that was never discovered when producing Aquanaut.
The "Comet" power reserve at 11 o'clock is a hallmark of the Nautilus ref. 3710 / 1A. Named after the movement of the indicator, when the watch is wound, the power reserve pointer moves from the narrow portion of the power reserve scale to the wide portion, but once fully wound, the entire power reserve sub-dial rotates if it continues to wrap. This is because the sub-dial is connected to the sliding barrel located below, so that when there is a complete mainspring on the watch, the cylinder rotates without further tightening the mainspring.
But the unnecessary complexity of this idea means that interpretation and understanding are too difficult, which may be why Patek Philippe gave up this feature after the referee. The 3710 / 1A was discontinued in 2005.
With date function and checkerboard dial, production Aquanaut reference. Launched in 1997, the 5060A is a casual and affordable cousin of Nautilus. On the other hand, this prototype has the same caliber 330 as Nautilus ref. 3710 / 1A, launched a year later. Therefore, this prototype was used to test a deprecated concept to support replica watch site
This is a suitable prototype watch - the Oxford English Dictionary defines the prototype as "developing the first or preliminary version of other forms of equipment or vehicles" - instead of pseudo-prototypes, the same as the inventory model and numbered "0" or "00 ", usually sold by watch brands themselves to special occasions or charities.
Prototype watches are almost always sold at Geneva auctions because they are usually owned by employees of former watchmakers or watch brands. An old-fashioned model recently sold is the Omega Tourbillon, which was sold at Phillips for $1.4 million two years ago. There is also a modern Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso modern watch with a prototype dial that sells for $40,000, about eight times the spot model.
However, only a handful of Patek Philippe prototype replica watches swiss appear in the public; examples include references. The 3412 is designed by Gilbert Albert and Nautilus. 3700 "Jumbo" with white dial.