Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium 45mm 411.NX.1170.RX watch

At the other end of the hublot universe is the recently launched big bang, hublot big bang replica which cost 2 million euros. Clearly, the name indicates its value, and this is the successor to the previous million euro bang. The watch's fusion formula is fairly simple; You take a platinum watch case with a platinum bracelet and decorate it with 637 French bread-cut diamonds and a rose cut diamond. The total weight is 143,48 carats. The recipe may sound simple, but executing it can be difficult and time consuming. Not only do all the diamonds need to be cut and polished, which takes 45 gemstone cutters a month to complete, but the actual setting of the diamonds in the watch's chain, case and dial takes another 2,000 hours of precise and focused work. The results are sparkling, stunning and merge across another dimension.

Given all these developments, it is hard to believe that hublot is not yet 30. Yet the brand has proved itself to have a chilling vitality by staying true to its original idea; Merge with the future, since 1980.

Jean-claude Biver joined Hublot as its new chief executive in 2004. He immediately set out to revive the brand's founding philosophy. It was a simple fusion of ideas, combining some precious metal porthole shaped boxes with a rubber band. Perfectly demonstrating the art of fusion, the first big bang timer appeared in Basel world in 2005 and achieved almost immediate success. After several rides, it won the best design award in the annual Geneva tabulating grand prix. Using different materials, internal mechanisms and dial styles, ubao has extended the big bang series to a variety of stunning models, but the basic concept has never changed. Each Big Bang watch is known for its sporty, rugged porthole case (made of gold, fake luxury watches titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic or steel) and a case held in place by six h-shaped titanium screws.

While the rubber strap remains the brand's trademark, knock off watches some special versions come with gold, ceramic, steel and even diamond-encrusted gold bracelets. In 2008, the Big Bang lady watch series was born, featuring smaller sizes, precious materials and diamond inserts. Hublot came out with several pretty Big Bang versions, dedicated to working with ferrari. Ferrari's Big Bang Chrono Tourbillon distinguishes itself with its stunning frame dial, carbon fiber case and bezel, and high-end mechanical structure. The famous collection also features other highly sophisticated vehicles, such as a Minute Repeater and the extraordinary Vendome Torbollion, which were launched to commemorate the brand's boutique opening at 10 Vendome plaza. Finally, there are a few amazing jewels under the big bang name. The last one was released at Baselworld in 2012 and was worth $5 million.

The King Power Collection was first launched in 2009 based on the basic concept of brand convergence, helping hublot cement its position among high-end sports watchmakers. This stunning line provides a powerful selection of powerful sports watches with a powerful construction, 48 mm case, spiral bezel with rubber inserts, deep, multilayered dials and a harmonious blend of different materials. For the truly countless limited edition king's powers, hublot salutes its partners and ambassadors. As a result, there are several versions of the King Power F1 chronograph (huabao was an official formula one partner from March 2010 to the end of 2012), including one with an elaborate hand-spun tourbillon wheel with a cylindrical wheel.

Key members of the collection include highly sophisticated watches (minute needles and tourniquets) and pioneering diving watches developed in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The King Power Oceanographic 4000 is the first diving timer with incredible waterproof properties,replica hublot watches reaching up to 4000 meters (13,120 feet).


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