How to moisturize and control oil

Moisturizing doesn't work it's not a cure it doesn't work your face dries out, tells your brain to turn it into oil and the pores are thick and long and they age

Balance oil and water

As a result of oil and water unbalance, facial ministry can produce oil, because you did not do the job that protects wet acne and oil, can desquamate sometimes

Toner lotion should be synchronized

Many MM only brush lotion or just brush essence, afraid of oil lotion will, this will let your skin more oil you know? You don't lock it up with a cream or lotion, you just eat it and it will evaporate

Skin care steps

Deep cleansing - toner - essence - dew - gel - cream, many people finish rubbing cream or cream, but not very effective, because it does not follow the skin care procedures, step by step, anxiety or not if you also do a good moisturizing these problems will be greatly improved, also remember to drink more water