Antilog Vacations #347 Tricity Plaza, Zirakpur-140603 (Near Chandigarh) Contact Number: +91-17625-17925

We provide B2B rates & whitelabel services to Travel agents globally. Thousands of Travel agents sell our packages to their Clients with absolute trust on quality. If you are looking to scale up your travel business, we would be really happy to be a part of it.

1. Highest certified customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
2. Provider of discounted International flight tickets (GDS), pre-purchased inventory to online companies which is sold to the end customers via their respective portals.
3. Direct hotel partnerships with almost 90,000 hotels across globe & DMC for several World locations, Cruise lines & land arrangement providers.
4. Flexibility,Customisation & Many Options to choose from
5. White-labelling to ensure that your name appears on Vouchers for your clients.
6. Transparent Cancellation Policies

We work on Cut and Pay model wherein we will quote you our net price & you can quote your Clients after adding your net margins. You will not get a lower rate than us. If you do, we shall refund you the difference.




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