"Three warm one cold one cold" baby dressing to follow this principle,Fall BB's dress code

  Autumn small BB dressing rules: for primary school students to wear clothes, to keep the head heat dissipation, the head is too warm but will make primary school students upset dizzy; Clothes do not wear too much, in order not to interfere with primary school activities for the premise. Mother can touch the hands of primary school students at any time. If the temperature of the hands is moderate and the neck and back are not sweaty, it means that primary school students wear moderate amount of clothes. Check whether the pupils dress properly, as long as to ensure that three warm one cool can, one is hand warm, two is belly warm, three to warm feet, four to cool head.
  Warm hands: touch the palms of pupils, if it is warm and without sweat, it is appropriate to wear clothes. Keep the belly warm is to protect the spleen and stomach, when the cold air directly stimulates the abdomen, the stomach will be painful, thereby damage the function of the spleen and stomach, make the spleen and stomach can not operate in a normal and stable way, affect the normal digestion and absorption, so, "belly warm" is an important part of the child's health care, must cover the belly when sleeping. Warm feet: foot skin nerve endings are rich, is the most sensitive place to the outside world. Baby's small feet warm, to ensure that the body to adapt to the changes in the outside climate. Cold head: from the physiological point of view, the child through the body surface of the heat, 1/3 is from the head, if the head covered tightly, but not conducive to the evaporation of body heat, especially when the child has a fever, not to cover the head.
  Dress differently indoors and out. Add a coat for your baby when you go outside. The weather turns cool, the temperature difference between inside and outside develops gradually and begins to increase unceasingly, mommy takes the baby when we go out together, must remember to take the baby coat and trousers, in order to increase his clothes for the baby at any time. Don't forget to put a hat on your baby when you go out. Early autumn, the sun is still relatively strong, during the day, wear a hat or sun shade, to avoid the baby's head cold in the morning and evening each time. Especially the little baby, the fontanelle has not been closed, the top of the head is very weak, more likely to catch cold and cause colds.