My coworkers are icing me out after I reported a fellow coworker for sexual harassment

I(23F) work for a large chain home improvement store with over 100 employees in our location. Recently I reported a coworker (31M) because he took an inappropriate picture of me while I was working. I had a witness and my managers handled it, but he wasn’t fired. He’s had a history of doing this since I worked here last year. Last year he kept trying to proposition me for sex, sent me a nude, made weird and inappropriate comments about my body, and came to my department to harass me. I told his fiancé and he’s had it out for me since. He has anger issues and is generally emotionally manipulative. He hits on the young cashiers and prefers 19-22 year olds. He’s been to prison and I’m a little scared of him. I didn’t report him last year because I thought I could get out quickly and never work there again. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Since then, many of my fellow coworkers have been icing me out. They work on the stocking team with him, and I often need their assistance. Normally they’re very friendly and sweet to me, but now they glare at me or ignore me. My friend, and fellow coworker said that he’s heard him talking shit about me. I’m only here for another month but I’ll probably be here next summer too. I don’t want to rock the boat but it doesn’t feel great working here.

I think you should decide whether or not this job is worth it, and depending on your answer, apply for other jobs once covid is over, or escalate. I can understand if you just want to give up on this job. And I can also understand if you want to do nothing. I do think that doing nothing would probably be the worst case though.

The fact is, sometimes sexual harassers get away with what they do. Especially when there is nepotism and general corporate idiocy involved in the process. And when they do get away with what they do, sometimes they can drum up even more support from misguided or malicious people. Those people are further encouraged when the person they're abusing doss nothing. And when that happens the best thing you can do is to protect yourself and your mental health.