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A new interactive experience will arrive on Tinder on September 12: Swipe Night , an event with which the platform intends for you to break the ice and that for 3 weekends will say a lot about you and the people you connect with.
Swipe Night is an adventure that takes place in the first person, and consists of three episodes that will be available every Saturday and Sunday beginning the weekend of September 12. Each episode will run until midnight on Sunday:
What would your decisions be if there were three hours until the end of the world?
In this story you can follow the adventures of three friends who will have only three hours to face the apocalypse and, at key turning points, you can decide what happens next by swiping left or right. But this choice will not only dictate the course of the story, but will also reflect your interests and deeper ways of thinking as they will represent moral challenges or more practical options, and all this will lead the system to choose who you will meet at the end of Swipe Night.
Thus, the algorithm will match you with those who opted for decisions similar to yours at the end of this trip , and so that there is no option to lie, the participants will only have seven seconds to make each decision within the story, although you can pause in any time by touching the center of the screen (as long as it is not during an election). These decisions will be added to the user profile, which will facilitate the new matches . Swipe Night takes place live, directly within the app, as you can see in the trailer released by the company:

Swipe Night premiered in the United States with very good results
During confinement and as has happened with many other applications and social networks , Tinder has seen an increase in its use: 52% more in the messages sent through the app worldwide, a figure that peaked last 5 April, while the volume of swipes increased by 39% among members under 25 years of age.
Tinder was born in 2012, currently has more than 6 million subscribers , and has managed to establish itself globally as the most recognized dating app. With Swipe Night, Tinder aims not only to distract users during confinement and to use their app more, but also to help them break the ice, create communication around that post-apocalyptic story and that does not involve the need to wear masks or the awkward first meeting after first greeting.
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" When the quarantine began, we saw an immediate increase in our members' engagement on Tinder, so we know we played a significant role in their stay-at-home experience," reported Jim Lanzone , CEO of Tinder. "As the global health crisis persists, we believe Swipe Night can be a breath of fresh air for our members around the world."
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The Swipe Night adventure was launched in the United States at the end of last year and garnered rave reviews: during its Tinder event, it claimed that its matches increased 26% , while messages on its platform increased 12% compared to any weekend. standard week.
Karena Evans, director of some music videos for the renowned rapper Drake, has been in charge of directing Swipe Night, a play written by Nicle Delaney (Big Mouth, on Netflix) and by Brandon Zuck (Five Points, on Facebook Watch).