2019 Air Jordan 1 Mid Black To Release Soon

In the past two years, the Air Jordan 1 has become one of the hottest shoes, but the price has also risen, which makes the Mid-priced shoes more attractive to people. Recently, a special black Air Jordan 1 Mid is about to be a special material. Welcome to the sale. The new color scheme introduced this time is different from the previous multi-color style. The pure color design is adopted. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Black is only black, and the overall appearance is very calm and full of texture. The upper is still in the classic Air Jordan 1 Mid leather, but the side Swoosh uses a different suede material than the previous one. The color is deeper than the upper, which is full of texture. The overall black upper is connected to the midsole and is more visible in the summer's cool color matching sneakers.

2019 Sneakers Release As the temperature gradually increased, those warm and heavy shoes were gradually put back into the shoe cabinet, but replaced by those shoes that are refreshing and breathable. The adidas ZX 4000 4D is not only refreshing and breathable, but also has a comfortable foot feel. It has been recognized by everyone, and a new color on the weekend will be available on the adidas.com domestic official website! Based on the classic retro shoe model ZX 4000, the upper is re-modified with ripstop nylon, mesh and suede, and equipped with adidas latest technology FutureCraft 4D sole, not only the foot feels upgraded, but also the value of the shoes has been greatly improved. . The upper is presented with black mesh, gray suede and white nubuck leather. It is matched with bright red tongue and white clover logo. Finally, it is decorated with deco line decoration. The sci-fi atmosphere is also full of street texture. The 4D cushioning foot experience, although not as soft as the imagination, but the full range of foot support, so that you will not feel sore even if you walk for a long time.

Nike often launches her own exclusive color matching sneakers for the young NBA star. She has previously launched her own exclusive Kobe 1 and Kobe AD for the Suns star Devin Booker, and recently launched a new color matching Air Force 1 for him. . Nike Air Force 1 The LV8 Devin Booker features a light blue leather upper with a grey suede overlay and a metallic silver accents on the heel. The shoelace tag is printed with the D-Book lettering, and the heel and insole are also printed with the German Buick exclusive logo, which highlights the special identity of the shoe.

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