Nylon Ball transfer unit, POM Ball,Nylon Ball,Plastic Transfer Ball Unit

Machinery manufacturing industry in the common special casting methods

(1) investment casting. It is a fused model and high-performance shell (mold) to cast high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness value of the non-cutting or less cutting casting method.

(2) Nylon Ball transfer unit, POM Ball,Nylon Ball,Plastic Transfer Ball Unit. It is the use of metal molds to improve the cooling rate of casting to achieve a multi-casting, dense structure of the casting to obtain the method.

(3) pressure casting. It is by changing the liquid alloy filling and crystallization of solidification conditions, the liquid alloy in the high-pressure, high-speed conditions, filling the mold, and under high pressure forming and crystallization, in order to obtain precision casting method.

(4) lost foam casting. It is the same size and shape of the casting foam plastic model bonded into a model family, brushing refractory coating and drying, buried in the quartz sand vibration modeling, and then under certain conditions, pouring liquid metal, the model vaporization And the molten metal takes the position of the model, and the molten metal is solidified and cooled to form the required casting.

(5) Sintered bronze washer disc,oilite thrust washer. It is by changing the liquid alloy filling mold and solidification conditions, the role of centrifugal force to cast sets of special castings and other methods.

(6) ceramic casting. It is by changing the mold material, the choice of high-quality refractories and adhesives, with a special method of filling grouting to obtain the size of accurate, smooth surface of the cavity, to obtain thick castings precision casting method.

(7) low pressure casting. It is a gravity casting (refers to the liquid metal under the action of gravity injected into the casting process) and pressure casting between a casting method. By changing the filling and solidification conditions, the liquid alloy in the low-pressure low-speed conditions from the bottom up and smooth filling mold, under pressure from the top down the order of crystallization solidification, in order to obtain high-quality compact castings.

(8) vacuum suction casting. It is through the mold (mold) caused by negative pressure inhalation of liquid alloys, and the liquid alloy in a vacuum crystallization of solidification to obtain the casting method. This method changes the liquid alloy filling and solidification conditions, reducing the liquid alloy inhalation and oxidation, suitable for casting rods, tubes, sets and other high-quality castings.

(9) continuous casting. It is a fast cooling of the mold, continuous casting, solidification, cooling conditions and cast ingots casting an efficient production methods.

(10) sintered bush manufacturer,PM bronze bushing,power tools bushing extrusion and liquid stamping casting. It is the casting and forging processing of integrated processing methods.