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1-2 days before moving:
Pack up their belongings. If you get most items packed and ready to go, you will not have a big task in the day and you will have plenty of time to make sure your old house is completely cleaned.
Try to clear some rooms completely and store room furniture or boxes packed elsewhere, such as another room or garage. In this way, you can clean some of the rooms completely before moving, saving more time in the day!
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On the move day:
Make the most of the large hardware and furniture that is pulled from its position to provide quick cleaning to ensure that no dust or dust is removed.
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It will also be the perfect opportunity to clean up and down your furniture, areas you will not be able to access daily easily. This will ensure that all your furniture is beautiful and clean when moving to your new home.
Keep track of your cleaning products and equipment. Be sure to keep these items in check during cleaning and keep them in a place that is easy to find in places, and you do not want to accidentally move them to your property. Leave it all in a bucket with a cleaning breach and so on, so that it is easy to carry.
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Perform all dry cleaning tasks first. Start by cleaning the cleaning bee by dust and vacuuming the vacuum cleaner, then proceed with 'wet' cleaning such as cleaning, disinfection and washing. This is an ideal arrangement of tasks where you do not want to wipe surfaces by dust and other dry materials on them.