What is lightbox?

Lightbox Application:
In the production of lightbox panels, they use luminous boxes usually made of plastic, wood or aluminum, put advertisements or posters in the box and use the back of this type of lighting panel, the photo inside This board can easily be changed. A professional designer will pay attention to the result of the work and create an artistic lighting to create a sensation in the viewer on this type of panel.

This kind of panel is usually used inside the building and a professional lighting on the photo inside this type of panel will make the work more attractive. Lightbox lighting is provided in both fluorescent and LED lighting.

Lightbox construction method:
To start with a frame, put a photo or a poster inside the frame, and use a led bar on the back of the frame to light the light from the back of the work to a shimmering image and a special effect, if you have LED strips that have Fluorescent and sunny lights are effective in working quality. Use an adapter to connect LEDs to power and use a transparent glass or plastic protective shield to protect your photos.

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