Exit panel

Salon boards:
These boards are used to guide people inside public and commercial spaces. Salon signs include name boards, room number boards, floor boards, hallway boards, emergency exit boards, and more.
What is an emergency exit panel?
As the name implies, it is used for exit and shows you the exit path. But when we say an emergency exit sign, this sign shows the exit route in an emergency that is more secure and faster than the one specified by the sign. For example, during emergencies such as floods, earthquakes, fires, explosion hazards, biting, power outages, or if the main outlet is blocked, more secure outlets can be removed from the location where they are found. It is not possible to follow these paths except by following the emergency exit signs and the light signs, which are easily visible in the dark and are sufficiently polished and legible.
How to make an emergency exit panel:
The panel is manufactured in a panel making workshop, first through the design stage, and then using metal or plexiglass materials to build the model. The lightbox method can also be used instead of a metal panel.

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