Leaflets, also known as signs or so-called signboards, are like an inseparable part of our everyday lives that we face when we leave home. The purpose of the signboards is to find a small section of large, crowded office, commercial, public, and road locations that are difficult and misleading for individuals, so they are used to guide and guide people.

Leaflets are leaflets used to introduce and guide public places, streets, office buildings, commercial buildings, shops, and to introduce numerous sections in public and private places. People get confused when they enter a large business or office space or at places such as terminals, airports, exhibition halls and conventions, and they do not know where to go in terms of multiple departments and rooms. Where to go in order to reach their goal, they have to go to the information section or ask questions, but with the help of boards and the introduction of different locations in a section, each person can easily reach their destination. .

By installing guides in crowded locations that have multiple sections, you can prevent client wastage and maximize the efficiency of a location and service, usually at the beginning of entrances, in head units, in the lobby area. And they are installed in many parts of hallways or halls.

Many materials such as wood, flexi, lightbox, plexiglass, aluminum and composite are used to create the guides and smd lamps are used to illuminate the signboards. Help boards can be used as linear, laser and print boards depending on the location, lighting, location and budget.

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