A döntés

Egy cég, amikor új munkaerőt vett fel, irásbeli alkalmassági vizsgálatot kért.
Ez egyetlen kérdésből állt:

"Tegyük fel, hogy Ön egy sötét, viharos éjjelen vezet hazafele a városban.
Ekkor meglátja a vidéki buszmegállóban, hogy ott három ember várakozik a
buszra, ami nagyon sokára fog odaérni.
Mind a hárman sürgősen be akarnak érni a városba, de a kocsiban csak EGY
hely van a sofőrülésen kivül, ez egy kétüléses kocsi, vagy egy motorkerékpár. "

Ezek az emberek:
- Egy nagyon öreg néni, aki haldoklik, és sürgősen kórházba kellene jutnia, hogy megmentsék.
- Egy orvos, aki egyszer megmentette az Ön életét, és ezzel örök hálára kötelezi.
- Álmai asszonya (férfija) - az, akiről Ön egész eddigi életében álmodott!

(Válaszát indokolja!)

Mielőtt tovább olvassátok, Ti is gondolkodjatok el ezen .... mit tennétek?... nem is egyszerű döntes, mi?

Ez minden bizonnyal egy személyiség-teszt. Minden válasznak megvan a maga magyarázata.

Talán a nénit valasszuk...? Hiszen meg fog halni, és az életmentés az első....
Persze a doktort nem lenne tisztességes ott hagyni... viszont, az orvosnak még mindig leróhatjuk a hálánkat máskor is...
.... tökéletes szerelmet viszont csak egyszer találhatunk az életben! - de ha elmulasztjuk....

Végül, a 200 (!) jelentkező közül, az akit kiválasztottak az állásra, tulajdonképpen meg sem kellett indokolnia a válaszát !

- Odaadnám a kocsikulcsot az orvosnak! Ő aztán bevihetné a nénit a kórházba, én pedig szépen megvárom a buszt, álmaim asszonyával.

Néha sokkal többet nyerünk, ha képesek vagyunk feladni a makacs korlátainkat !


Curry 2 Suit And Tie

Even though he’s signed on as a Nike athlete for the rest of his life, this is a LeBron Soldier 10 colorway of the adidas Superstar that even LeBron James could love thanks to its color scheme similar to his St. Vincent/St. Mary’s high school squad. We’re 100% we’ll never see Bron in a pair, but the similarities are certainly there, as the iconic Kobe high top shelltoe sneaker features a full grain leather upper in white with Irish-green accents and gold detailing for the branding and within the mesh tongue. For those of us that aren’t signed to a billion dollar lifetime contract with Nike, you can pick up Curry Shoes this clean Superstar from select adidas Originals retailers like Kith right now.Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Eastbay had the exclusive on a number of team-centric shades like orange, purple and more which made their catalogs a must-have for every Kobe 6 High School athlete in search of some matching footwear options before their football, baseball, or basketball seasons started. We get the same vibe with the release of 10 brand new team-centric Nike LeBron Soldier 10 releases today, as Eastbay released shades of orange, kobe basketball shoes a Texas Longhorns-like burnt sienna, Carolina blue, maroon, and more.The LeBron Soldier 10 turned heads in the NBA Finals when LeBron started lacing up the pair in Game 3. After he cued a comeback of epic proportions, Nike Basketball released the model on Kobe 8 NIKEiD for your customizing pleasure, with the Black/Metallic Gold option matching one of the better pairs that LeBron donned during his journey to his third NBA championship. The laceless design is definitely a head-turner, and the three straps offer up lockdown support to Kobe 10 coincide with a lightweight Zoom cushioning system. Now that Eastbay’s dropped a number of monochromatic team-options we expect to see a lot more from the model this coming basketball season. Are you a fan of any of these colorways?Be sure to check out kobe bryant shoes more of the latest LeBron Soldier 10 releases after the break and know that you can grab your favorite look via Eastbay today.Beginning on Friday, September 2, the reigning MVP will once again share his passion for the game with the next Curry Shoes generation of players in Asia as he embarks on his second annual Asia tour.While on the tour, Under Armour will be unveiling two new colorways of the Curry 2.5 — dubbed the ‘Journey to Excellence’ Pack.The pack consists of two versions of the Kobe 11 Curry 2.5, but they will be sold separately. They’ll be available exclusively on UA Shop (both iOS and Android) on Thursday, September 1, followed by a wider launch at Under Armour Brand Houses and UA.com on Saturday, September 3.According to Under Armour:The “Journey Kobe 9 to Excellence” Pack draws inspiration from “Journey to the West,” a classic Chinese novel and one of the benchmarks for historic Chinese literature. The two colorways are each named after characters from the 16th century classic:• The Sun Wukong is inspired by the LeBron 11 hero’s ability to overcome all obstacles, via great power that is often underestimated, just like Stephen. The Erlang Shen colorway is inspired by the “Journey to the West” character of the same name; Shen is always super calm with laser focus, the same LeBron 12 as the back-to-back MVP, with his vision to see all possibilities on the court.Check out an official look at both pairs of the Curry 2.5 featured in the upcoming ‘Journey to Excellence’ Pack below. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.KD 8 />Stephen Curry has had a busy summer on his 2016 Asia Tour with Under Armour. He toured four cities while on the road showcasing his unparalleled shooting skills.Steph kicked off the tour in Shenyang by unveiling the “Journey to Excellence” Curry 2.5 pack LeBron shoes at the Under Armour Brand House in Mix City Mall. Some lucky fans were even offered the chance to attend a special Q&A/photo session with the MVP in the store.Over a thousand fans gathered to watch Steph be introduced to the city by LeBron zoom soldier 9 a special Flag Processional Dance. Then some local players got tips from the man himself during shooting drills and a 3 point contest.In the second stop of Guangzhou, the star guard and Under Armour hosted 30 of the top local ball players in KD shoes a skills clinic with trainer Rob MacLanaghan. Once again, more than a thousand fans huddled up outside to get a glimpse of the action. Their patience was rewarded when Steph came outside to greet them during the clinic.Later on, ten players from the LeBron 13 clinic were selected for a 5-on-5 game and were joined by Steph. He played the entire second half and even brought his squad back to win with three straight long range daggers in a row.Kevin Plank, CEO and chairman of Under Armour, joined LeBron soldier 9 the back to back MVP in Hong Kong to give back to the community and tour the factory where the Curry 2s are made. They met with fans during a photoshoot overlooking the skyline and honored local figures who improve and shape the Curry 2 lives of area youth. Both of them visited the workers and Steph had a chance to see the molds that actually produce his signature model.Taipei may have been the final stop on the tour but there was still a lot of ground to stephen curry shoes cover. First, he visited the Da An Brand House in central Taipei. During his visit he met fans and signed autographs with the people waiting outside. Steph also talked about the upcoming NBA season and was joined by Leon Gu to discuss the Kyrie 3 design process that goes into creating the Curry line of footwear.After that it was back to basketball. He helped with instruction at a basketball clinic for 30 select players. Finally, he closed out the evening in front of 5,000 fans competing in shooting Lebron James Shoes competitions with local sharpshooters.The highly publicized game of 5-on-5 where Stephen went iso against a younger player and got blocked happened there as well. But, they replayed the final seconds and Steph redeemed himself by burying a jumper from way behind the line.Sounds Curry 2.5 like he didn’t get much of a summer break but it was worth it to meet so many of his fans. If you are digging the dope new hoodie that Steph has on in the pictures from the events, then you can scoop Curry 1 your own Tailgate Full Zip Graphic Hoodie on September 15 for $159 at Under Armour retailers and UA.com.After LeBron James won his third NBA title in amazing come-back fashion, the anticipation for the LeBron 14 unveiling has continued to gain momentum throughout KD 7 the summer. While photos of the fourteenth LeBron signature shoe have yet to leak out, we do have early release date information for Nike’s top-shelf basketball sneaker, which has already been confirmed to be lower in price than the most recent LeBron 13 Kyrie 2 model. Two colorways are due out for October 11th, 2016 (a red/yellow/white colorway as well as a white/silver/orange version) while a black/white colorway is set for an early November release, with an official unveiling likely coming in mid-September. We’ll bring you the latest KD 9 and a first look on the Nike LeBron 14 when it arrives, but for now circle these important dates on your sneaker release dates calendar and remember that Nike is dropping the price for the shoe to $175.Let your game do the Kyrie irving shoes talking in the new Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Triple Black’.The sneaker boasts black, black and more black on the entire sneaker, making the shoe a low-key option for the basketball court.If you’re interested in how the Kyrie 2 performs, check out our performance review LeBron 14 article.You can pick up the Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Triple Black’ now for $120 by clicking any of the retailer links below:The Nike LeBron Soldier 10 takes its name quite literally with this upcoming camouflage edition. Built for battle on the court, the Kobe venomenon 5 bold, high-performance Soldier 10 gets tougher than ever with this new camo edition, sporting an olive green and black color scheme for the appropriate militaristic look. No doubt the most intimidating sneaker you’ll see in any game on the court, this is a Nike Zoom Kobe Icon basketball shoe that even Rambo would approve of. The Soldier 10 “Camo” is set to initially drop in the Philippines on September 9th, followed by a global launch at Nike Basketball retailers later in the month.OVERALL – Best. KD. EVER. Seriously. Besides LeBron 10 a little less support than some need, there are no problems with this shoe. Traction — excellent. Cushioning — beyond excellent. Materials Nike Hyperrev — the best Nike has to offer. See a pattern? Actually, this is the best Nike shoe in years.Hyperbole? Exaggeration? Maybe, but the KD9 just shows what the Swoosh can still do when it wants to — make killer performers with comfort that look okay off-court (in a few years this may be a killer casual retro). If you want the best Nike has to offer, look no Cheap KD Shoes further: the KD9 is all you need to know. From what we’ve seen and heard, the Nike Lebron Ambassador VIII has been nothing but a beast on-court. Whether you play indoors or outdoors, this shoe holds true to its high standards. Don’t kyrie shoes believe us? Check the performance review by NYJumpman23.There’s no better way to find out if the money you spent on a shoe is worth it until you read our performance reviews and look at the shoe deconstructed. Chinese site Fastpass has taken the KD Shoes For Sale shoe to the butcher so we’re here to see what’s under the hood of the Nike Lebron Ambassador VIII.The Ambassador 8 features a bootie-like design backed by permeable nylon and Hyperfuse on high-wear areas which also reduces pressure on-foot. A Phylon support wing Curry 3 is attached on the upper side of the foot for better lacing lockdown. The cushioning system utilized heel and forefoot Zoom Air units for a comfortable. Last but not least, the XDR rubber traction outsole offers great traction whether you play indoor or KD 6 outdoor ball.For an overseas off-signature model with a price of $120-140 (depending on where you can find it), this shoe features everything you’d want in a ball shoe. You can say you get exactly what you pay for. The shoe is a no-frills Kobe shoes straight-for-the-ball-player shoe and we expect no less. The Swoosh design team overseas really made a shoe many wished had released here in the States — it was that good.Do you think the shoe fits the mold for you? What do you think of Kobe high tops the Ambassador 8 now that you get to see the innards of the shoe? Let us know in the comment section.Nike Basketball has honored Kobe Bryant through an onslaught of awesome Kobe 11 releases this off-season, but what’s next for the brand Kobe high top now that the Black Mamba has hung up his signature sneakers for good? You could say that there’s a “Black Space” on the Lakers roster without number 24 to match the open roster spot on Nike Basketball, so this Nike Kobe 11 Black kevin durant shoes Space is the perfect homage to the absent Kobe to start off next season.The Kobe 11 Black Space features a premium black on black Flyknit construction complete with a contrasting icy bottom. Red stitching hits the heel in the only splash of color Kobe 7 this Nike Kobe 11 Elite pair sees. The “Black Space” Kobe 11 will be available for purchase on October 1st for $200. Check out more detailed shots below and stay tuned for more updates right here on Sneaker News.
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Kedves Gini!

Húúúúú, nagyon jó! És mennyire egyszerű...

Szép napot kívánok Mindenkinek!


nagyon tetszett...elgondolkodtató

Hű! Ez az írás nagyon

nagyon, NAGYON TETSZETT!!!!!!!

Drága Barátaim!:-)

Ügyes az nagyon, aki ugyanígy döntött volna, gratulálok a brilliáns logikához! Engem bizony nem vettek volna fel ahhoz a céghez, ahogy Bagoly Kartácsot sem ezek szerint:-)))

Csillám, végtelenül egyszerű a dolog!
Nem is olyan egyszerű megmutatni már 4x próbálkozom. Leirom hát részletesen.
< ez a jel, majd beirod strong aztán visszazárod > -vel, majd a szöveged végén ugyanez csak strong szó elé teszel egy / jelet!
Hű remélem sikerül, jelezz majd, ha igen:-)

Nagy nagy ölelés mindnyájatoknak!

Az első millióm ebből jött 2 hónap alatt!

Le a kalappal

Leesett az állam hogy néha mennyire is egyszerű a döntés ha az ember gondolkodik egy fél percet rajta!


Mielött vigolvastam volna az irásod.....én is igy döntöttem volna!!! Köszönöm, ezt az irást!!!
Szeretettel ölel : ágica

Drága Gini!

Ez nagyon jó volt , én is igy döntöttem volna. Köszönöm.

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Elérhető minden álom, ne add fel semmi áron.
Egyszer úgyis valóra válik, ha akarod , hogy valóra váljon !!!